how to disguise the outside of a ugly building

css image size how to fill not stretch - stack overflow

and height using css width: 50px; height: 00px image will be stretched and it may be ugly. simply use cover or contain in the background-size css3 property. .outer width: 50px; height: 00px; margin: 200px auto; /* just for example building off【Get Price】

fake buildings that hide substations and tunnels - business insider

jul 6 20 6 these pieces of ugly infrastructure is inside a fake building: a façade. the brooklyn heights blog says there& 39;s also a standpipe outside with a【Get Price】

how do you disguise a paper turkey

to disguise a paper turkey kids will need some construction paper other supplies such as glue and glitter and a bit of imagination. there are countless ideas for how to disguise the turkey. it can be redesigned as anything from a pirate to batman.【Get Price】

how to disguise the ugly stuff in your home - bless& 39;er house

mar 22 20 9 all of the “ugly” stuff in our house that is out of sight and out of mind. any time i share our living room in instagram stories some of y& 39;all ask【Get Price】

a clever way to hide an ugly elevator shaft - fast company

feb 0 20 5 the building& 39;s elevator shaft once an enormous stretch of blank concrete overlooking the river has been revamped with a 445-foot-tall city grid【Get Price】

how to get bxslider to hide the slides until the page loads - stack

bxslider has a callback when the slider is loaded onsliderload .i set visibility to hidden on a container div and then use the callback to set the【Get Price】

bootstrap 3 styled select dropdown looks ugly in firefox on os x

you can actually change the grey box around the dropdown arrow in ie: select -ms-expand width: 2px; border:none; background: fff; .【Get Price】

behind that beautiful wooden screen is hiding ugly utility - pinterest

garbage bins are often an afterthought on the exterior of our homes. whether you& 39;re living in an apartment building or a single-family house bins are usually an【Get Price】

should i obscure primary key values - stack overflow

the urls very ugly and also longer than they otherwise would be. the first is that given the url for some object you can figure out the urls for for your purposes building a search engine the security tradeoffs there& 39;s no reason at all to hide【Get Price】

how to use checkbox inside select option - stack overflow

you cannot place checkbox inside select element but you can get the same functionality by using html css and javascript. here is a possible working【Get Price】

"overflow: hidden" on "body" produces glitchy scrollbar with usb

if you are on a mac chances are your os is adding the scroll bar when you plug in the mouse a scroll bar that will override most css selectors.【Get Price】

angularjs : directive transcluded scope lost - stack overflow

both ng-if and ng-transclude directives perform transclusion in your directive. in this build-in transclude mechanism does not work fine and【Get Price】

9 clever ways to hide an ac unit family handyman

you think here& 39;s xx clever and stylish ways to hide an air conditioner as long as you don& 39;t block the air flow and you make sure the ac unit is accessible covering that ugly box is just fine here are check out these 2 air conditioner mainte【Get Price】

what are some ways to cover ugly brick

some ways to cover old and ugly brick include painting over it distressing it to create a unique and rustic look tiling over the brick and planting ivy or other climbing vines to disguise the brick. painting and tiling are good indoor solutions while ivy is a good ou【Get Price】

best shrubs to hide utility boxes and ac units - neave group

jul 25 20 7 but what are you going to do about hiding those ugly and bulky objects outside your house we& 39;re talking about picking privacy plants to hide【Get Price】

boston city hall - wikipedia

boston city hall is the seat of city government of boston massachusetts. it includes the offices the large scale and the protrusion of these interior spaces on the outside instead of being buried deep within the in 2008 the building was voted "world&【Get Price】

27 privacy fence ideas for your home - pool fences privacy screen

aug 20 9 interested in building a diy privacy fence & 39;face& 39; and they may also do a good job of covering up the ugly exterior of your neighbour& 39;s house.【Get Price】

what is an expansion joint cover -

discover what an expansion joint cover is how it works why you need them and what its role is within the structure of your building. “expansion joint covers are ugly”. – only if not specified correctly these days joint covers can now that& 39;s out of the【Get Price】

android map v2 zoom to show all the markers - stack overflow

of such a zoom level that bounds having zero area will cover the whole map view. and zoom while marker is in it was working pretty ugly but with your simple solution - suppose you want your map to never go beyond 6 zoom level. then simply zoom【Get Price】

best way to structure a tkinter appli ion - stack overflow

this is the template that i start out with: instances share a common parent the parent effectively becomes the "controller" part of a model-view-controller architecture. tkinter: how to show / hide a window beautiful is better than ugly.【Get Price】

docker-compose: node modules not present in a volume after npm

then on runtime the worker directory from outside docker is mounted into the docker instance which does not have the installed node modules hiding the node modules you just installed. it is ugly but it works. docker build -t building . docker run -v `pwd【Get Price】

how to maintain encapsulation with composition in c - software

still it is the closest i& 39;ve gotten without using the ugly first approach. i should point to the book game engine architecture which have a whole chapter on the that& 39;s a slightly dogmatic-sounding statement but unless someone figures out a brand 【Get Price】

& 39;just plain ugly& 39;: proposed executive order takes aim at - npr

feb 3 2020 for new federal buildings and calling some buildings "just plain ugly." federal buildings beautiful again" it takes an out-with-the-new【Get Price】

hiding monitor from windows working with it from my app only

to do this detach the monitor from the desktop. detaching a monitor from the desktop prevents windows from using it for normal ui. sample【Get Price】

hiding functions in static library - stack overflow

i& 39;m building .lib static library for a large project and i& 39;d like to hide some that& 39;s mighty ugly but could be done by a single file that includes all the other .c files. i think to hide internal symbols from static library and only export some【Get Price】

2 & 39;ugly& 39; buildings that aren& 39;t ugly at all - atlas obscura

feb 5 20 9 it definitely stands out but i don& 39;t think it& 39;s ugly. i& 39;ve spent many hours hanging out and exploring the nooks and crannies of this building even【Get Price】

how to dive into an ugly database - database administrators stack

i& 39;m always pushing to get things changed but since it is outside of my control i& 39;m building database interface by using so types of objects as view and stored views stored procedures will hide internal databases modifi ions changes .【Get Price】

how to transform an ugly duckling wall into a star feature

aug 8 20 6 learn how to hide an ugly wall and transform an eyesore into an asset. structure: is this wall an exterior wall of a home or outbuilding【Get Price】

css - bootstrap 3 styled select dropdown looks ugly in firefox on os

dec 4 20 3 bootstrap 3 styled select dropdown looks ugly in firefox on os x on the select outside that that way firefox and ie and all others won& 39;t pick them up. building on the excellent answers by rafx and sina here is a snippet that only cave【Get Price】

25 best outdoor eyesore hiding ideas and designs for 2020

jul 24 20 7 from simple diy type projects to things requiring a bit more skill and effort we think you& 39;ll find something here to help you hide the ugly stuff so【Get Price】

learning to love the world& 39;s ugliest building - the boston globe

jul 20 9 and a recently unveiled plan to plant 00 trees on the plaza out front suggests a further impulse to somehow hide the iconic and controversial【Get Price】

what is something that is essentially a scam in disguise

frauds are scams in disguise in which the person or people perpetrating the scams intentionally deprive others of their rights cause injuries or gain other unlawful benefits states the law dictionary. various types of false advertising and other misrepresentations are【Get Price】

hiding a c class in a header without using the unnamed

so it would be ugly to have class a as a nested class be dependent on all template alternative solution is to put the class you want to hide into a nested you& 39;re better of treating your api clients with respect and building trust. private stuff【Get Price】

hidden in plain sight: tricky ways to make industrial infrastructure

may 30 20 4 find out some of the clever ways we can make tech in public spaces vanish. a number of ingenious ways to hide this vital but ugly tech from sight. note the blacked-out windows in the building at the center of this photo.【Get Price】

hide the ugly how to hide outdoor eyesores ohmeohmy blog

feb 5 20 8 check out these diy ways to hide outdoor eyesores great ideas lot& 39;s of photos in this tutorial as well as her plans for building. hide outdoor【Get Price】

android - asynctask as kotlin coroutine - stack overflow

nov 6 20 9 onsurfacetextureavailable and after it finished i want to hide the progress bar. because it would block the thread building the ui leaving the screen black not but these classes are beyond ugly so i& 39;d like to get rid of them.【Get Price】

ugly border bug position:relative > position:absolute > border

remove background:blue; from your outer container. or if you really want that background color there. make sure the positioning is dead on【Get Price】

tkinter - preload window - stack overflow

aug 29 20 6 i started building a python tkinter gui the problem is after adding many features to the gui the loading started looking really ugly. when starting【Get Price】

private properties in javascript es6 classes - stack overflow

private fields and methods are being implemented in the ecma standard. you can start using them today with babel 7 and stage 3 preset. class something【Get Price】