how to clean wood floors and make them shine

how to make floors shine murphy oil soap

tea up your floor's shine. here's a secret: tea's tannic acid makes for an excellent surface shine according to hgtv. boil a couple of teabags in some water and dump the tea into a bucket. wring out a rag or mop in the solution and use it to mop the floors.【Get Price】

how to clean and shine floors fast and easy tips

my floors had never looked so amazing-i asked them how they did it and they shared their secret to how to shine and clean floors-the bona floor kit. boom this lady right here was all over it【Get Price】

how to clean gloss up and seal dull old floors

i tried the bona wood floor refresher on my floors a few years ago. my floors were only a few years old i just wanted to shine them up. i had really poor results. my floors were left in a cloudy haze. i could take my nail and scrape off the bona. i spent many hours on my hands and knees trying to get all the refresher off.【Get Price】

how to clean wood floors

they can dull polyurethane—just remove the grime and it will shine. flooding the zone. standing water and overly wet mops shoot moisture between boards and through tiny tears in the finish that form when wood shrinks and expands with the weather. over time moisture can damage the wood. steam cleaning. never on wood.【Get Price】

housekeeping tips : how to make floors shiny

making floors shiny requires cleaning them with water and vinegar which helps to disinfect the floor but wood conditioning treatments can also be used periodically.【Get Price】

how to shine floors naturally hardwoodchamp

mixed with water it can clean your floors thoroughly and gives it that natural lemony scent. mixed with white vinegar it serves as an effective natural polish. olive oil with water acts as a wonderful natural cleaning agent. add it to a little white vinegar and it restores your floor’s natural shine.【Get Price】

floor cleaning 101: how to bring back the shine to dull

how to make floors shine: to bring back the shine to dull worn out floors all you need is a little vinegar and warm water. first clean your floors properly by vacuuming up any dirt dust or particles to avoid scratching your while shining.【Get Price】

how to make floors shine

many acrylic-based liquid waxes that promise to make your wood floors glow can actually make the floors look worse. when they are applied on top of polyurethane finishes or paste wax the finish can look patchy or turn milky. you can use mineral spirits and elbow grease one small area at a time to remove the milky look of acrylic waxes.【Get Price】

3 simple steps to keep your floors looking good

if you want to get a little creative….steep 1 bag of tea in 2 cups of boiling water and leave until it comes to room temperature. remove tea bag and soak cloth in liquid wring out then wipe floor clean. dry with a soft cloth. the tannic acid in the tea will help bring wood to a shine.【Get Price】

how to clean/shine floor without refinishing?

i use future to shine my wood floors. they were in bad shape when we sold our house and to make them look good i put future on them. shined them right up. they had a finish on them but the future filled up the dog scratches or any other scratches they had.【Get Price】

how to polish wood floors and restore their shine bob vila

step 2: clear and clean your wood floors of dust and dirt. sweep or vacuum then mop with a commercial wood floor cleaner or solution of a quarter-cup of dish soap and a gallon of warm water to lift any lingering grime. give the floors a final pass with a clean water-dampened mop to remove any cleaner residue. dry completely with a soft clean towel.【Get Price】

how to make floors shiny

when cleaning doesn’t make flooring shine. when the floor’s finish is worn to the point that cleaning doesn’t restore the shine you have two options: recoating the floor: this involves lightly sanding the surface cleaning it and applying a new coat of finish. this is a good option when the floor is generally free of deep scratches and stains.【Get Price】

how to make floors shine without toxic chemicals

related articles. spray the cleaner onto the wood floor. mop it into the floor with the mop. the vinegar removes dirt and the vegetable oil helps condition the wood so it doesn't dry out which keeps it shiny. wipe the residue off the floor with a clean mop head or soft towel. drying with a circular motion buffs the floor and brings out the shine.【Get Price】

the best ways to get the shine back on a laminate floor

work in small sections until the floor is clean. take a few steps back and spray the next section of floor with your cleaner. wipe the section with the microfiber mop. continue spraying and mopping in small sections until the entire floor is clean. once the entire floor has been cleaned leave it to air dry for up to half an hour.【Get Price】

how to make floors shine like they are wet hunker

spray your floor lightly with the mixture and clean it from the far corner in the room to the entryway using a sponge mop. go with the wood grain as much as possible. step 5. allow the floor to dry completely then gently buff it with a floor buffer or microfiber cloth to finish.【Get Price】

how to clean floors: must-know tricks better

how to clean wood floors naturally. for a natural wood floor cleaner use a common kitchen staple: vinegar. learning how to clean floors with vinegar will save you money on top of providing a safe cleaning method for your floors. clean wood floors with vinegar by adding 1/2 cup white vinegar to a gallon of lukewarm water.【Get Price】