can portable wood deck be placed in grass

is it possible to lay decking straight onto grass? yahoo

best answer: decking is expensive plus it has to be raised off the ground or the wood will rot very quickly. pavers are cheap and you can often pick up seconds from a paving place or look in the classifieds in your local paper. good idea to put down a layer of 'quarter-minus' first or if the area is fairly【Get Price】

can you put artificial grass on decking? we advise against

when asked can you put artificial grass on decking? our answer is usually no. plenty of people think that laying artificial grass on decking is a great way of giving it a new lease of life. when the wood looks tired it could seem like a good idea to invest in synthetic turf and create a brand new area.【Get Price】

can floor decking tiles be put on grass - wpc deck board

can wooden interlocking deck tiles be put on grass can i lay deck tiles directly over grass wood plastic composite decking can be can i put floor decking platta on grass; inexpensiveest price platta decking;how to install diy deck tiles & grass tiles - youtube 43 sec - jul 17 2013 - uploaded by absolutoutdoors this video shows you how to install deck tiles or grass tiles in your it's a mater of a few how to install deck tiles - youtube【Get Price】

fire pit - what to put under it? (grass trees yard

we have a fire pit on our wood deck. i realized that this can be dangerous but it is really the only place we have to put it. we've used it once and it was great we plan to use it more in the future of course we will closely watch it for any stray embers.【Get Price】

can portable wood decks be placed in grass

the last place anyone would think to put grass would . grass on your deck or patio . a longer lasting alternative to wood or composite decking and concrete .【Get Price】

how to build a floating deck hunker

a floating deck can add visual interest to an otherwise mundane yard and provide a smooth surface above grass-dwelling insects that's ideal for entertaining.【Get Price】

can you put patio blocks on top of grass without digging

using patio pavers you can build a simple and attractive walkway or seating area without the need for mixing pouring and leveling concrete. although it's possible to lay pavers directly on the【Get Price】

how to lay decking on grass: a step-by-step guide

adding a deck to your garden can help you seamlessly bring the outside in provide you with a perfect outdoor space where you can spend those warm summer days relaxing in the sun stargazing in the winter knocking up a bbq in spring or just as a garden feature to make the neighbours envious all year round.【Get Price】

how to keep from burning my lawn under a portable fire pit

a portable fire pit is a common outdoor accent piece that can enliven a space with a controlled and attractive wood or coal fire. though typically used on outdoor patios the fire pits can also be used on a grass lawn if the proper precautions are taken.【Get Price】

can artificial grass be laid on decking?

easy to install and maintain artificial grass is rapidly taking uk gardens by storm. perfect for households that may not have the time to properly maintain a grass garden artificial turf can be quickly laid on most surfaces and requires little more than occasional brushing to keep the pile standing upright.【Get Price】

what to put under a fire pit on grass or wooden deck

you can easily find a hardboard of cement landscaping tiles concrete or any other heat resistant material to put under a fire pit on grass or your precious deck. these non flammable heat resistant materials will absorb much of the heat thereby insulating your surfaces from the fire pit heat.【Get Price】

can portable wood decks be placed in grass

about us. shanghai seven trust industry strictly controls the products according to the industry standards and works on all efforts to lead the industry.【Get Price】

can you lay artificial grass on decking? - touch of grass

therefore the process of laying down artificial grass can be as simple as cutting it to the right size rolling it out on your decking and then sticking down with adhesive. even so you will still need to prepare properly and install correctly.【Get Price】

can composite decking be laid directly on the ground

how to install permadeck - composite wood decking boards - similar to how to install permadeck - composite wood decking boards permadeck™ composite decking can be drilled sawn fastened or routed permadeck™ composite decking should not be attached directly to any composite decking board and a minimum of a 300mm ground clearance is recommended.【Get Price】

how to lay artificial grass on decking i perfect grass

you can fix the grass using small nails as glue that is required to hold grass will simply break the wood. be aware the deck will move in the warmer months and you may get some light puffing in the grass when this happens simply sand out with kiln.【Get Price】

can you put patio blocks on top of grass without digging

it's possible to lay patio pavers directly on grass without digging but you likely won’t be happy with the results. for a longer-lasting more attractive patio or walkway take the time to dig【Get Price】

can you install deck tiles over grass

you can lay over grass but can wood decking tiles be installed over gravel you can install deck tiles in a ..>> my new platta deck the how to guide! busy mom's blog it is not recommended to use platta decking tiles on grass lawn or【Get Price】

can you put artificial grass on decking? we advise against

can you put artificial grass on decking? we advise against this as the application can create a serious hazard. any excess liquids will soak into the wood causing it to rot. over time the decking will warp and potentially crumble. this is where the health and safety issue lies.【Get Price】

how to get rid of grass under a deck •

how to get rid of grass under a deck. mon aug 20 2007 1:40 am. the grass will rot the wood faster if you don't get rid of it. we were told to use a giant tarp and put heavy objects on top of it. however we are finding this method is taking a very long time but it is working. the new part of the deck is very very big and we did buy a big【Get Price】