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brand cellular pvc is a synthetic wood that will never crack warp or rot. it's impervious to moisture salt and insects but feels and sounds like real wood in addition to the items we stock that are made by we also make most of our items in brand cellular pvc the wood alternative.【Get Price】

engineered wood

engineered wood also called mass timber composite wood man-made wood or manufactured board includes a range of derivative wood products which are manufactured by binding or fixing the strands particles fibres or veneers or boards of wood together with adhesives or other methods of fixation to form composite material. the panels vary【Get Price】

wood veneer library

wood veneer library. depending on the size of your needs we can cut all your veneer from a single tree in order to provide grain color and pattern matching needs. our veneer can be ordered in the most appropriate backers and cores using the most appropriate adhesives for your particular application needs.【Get Price】

zebrano slip match ecoresin panel

zebrano slip match ecoresin panel - designer synthetic panels from 3form europe all information high-resolution images cads catalogues.. this highly collaborative project laid the groundwork for the new 3form wood collection. the innovative material becomes the highlight of the innovative design.【Get Price】

structural building panels structural components

durashield is a tongue-and-groove fiberglass pultruded panel comprised of a pultruded skin over a foam core. available in 1" x 12" and 3" x 24" sizes the pultruded fiberglass skin of these panels is available in either a polyester or vinyl ester resin. both resin systems are flame retardant ul94 vo .【Get Price】

products made from wood

1 products made from wood terry conners extension specialist in forest products list created july 2002 from a number of other lists with additions. corrections and additions will be welcomed tconners solid wood products lumber and plywood to build new homes doors window frames and sills flooring i-joists lvl laminated veneer lumber【Get Price】

exotic veneer sheets and panels

at formwood all of our panels are custom-built so we can balance your panel with the wood or formback synthetic backer of your choice. we are also able to supply you with non-glued and pre-glued formedge edgebanding and edge strips in a variety of thicknesses.【Get Price】

products made from wood

this is used in baby foods imitation bacon cereals baked goods etc. tannin used in natural tanning process less common than formerly carnauba wax is commonly used as a pill coating. to gr ow a pound of wood a tr ee uses 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide and gives of f 1.07 pounds of oxygen.【Get Price】

stone veneer panels and siding the look of real stone

installation that's easy as 1-2-3. the panels are so easy to install you can do it yourself with basic tools and skills. no stone chisels no masonry saws no mortar no trowels. just ordinary woodworking tools and ordinary hobbyist skills. but if you do want to hire a professional to perform the installation【Get Price】

concrete form panels

find concrete form panels. that means form development warrants serious and detailed engineering consideration. the realization of architectural intent is also related to formwork quality. the form is to structure what a mold is to sculpture and it follows that a concrete building or other structure will be as aesthetically true as the form that shapes it.【Get Price】

why does wood change color? woodworking network

q. color change of wood why? the variation is killing us. a. as you probably know wood is made up of wood cells that look like miniature soda straws. the cells are often around 1/8 to ¼ inches【Get Price】