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john ritchie chose a beam and block floor to create a rigid concrete box for the ground floor of his self-build with a timber frame sat on top this created good sound insulation between the floors and made it easier to install ufh upstairs.【Get Price】

supreme concrete floor beam 4.2m travis perkins

the supreme concrete floor beam is easy to install and eliminates the need for oversite concreting. the system is rot and draught proof and forms a strong base for thermal insulation. the system is rot and draught proof and forms a strong base for thermal insulation.【Get Price】

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beam and block flooring by cbs precast provides a cost effective and easily installed precast concrete flooring system. it can be used on both ground and upper floors subject to building regulations and are available in 150mm and 225mm depths.【Get Price】

beam & block flooring - forterra

our beam & block flooring provides a robust cost-effective solution. it is suitable for use on both ground floors and upper floors on all types of construction. for more information on our beam and block floors or our concrete beams visit our website.【Get Price】

beam and block flooring - floorspan

after the beam and block floor is installed it acts as a safe and secure platform for the rest of the build. a concrete floor is not adversely affected by wet or cold weather so it provides a platform for building in the winter months.【Get Price】

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a concrete slab (or suspended beam and block construction) is laid over a damp proof membrane. a 20mm thick piece of insulation is fixed to the perimeter (external) walls to a height to include the depth of floor insulation and screed.【Get Price】

underfloor heating system floor constructions and height

solid or beam and block floors the most common type of floor construction for ground floors solid concrete or beam and block floors are ideal for underfloor heating as they allow the use of a screed which can act as a thermal mass.【Get Price】

building an extension #3 - suspended beam & block floor

in part 3 of skill builder's series following an extension build it's time for the suspended beam and block flooring. generally speaking there are two options for constructing ground floors.【Get Price】

beam & block concrete flooring - milbank

this means that beam and block floors are among the cheapest way to build a highly durable and solid floor. by varying the concrete beam centres during construction this kind of concrete flooring offers a quick and economical solution for a wide range of problems both at ground and upper floor levels.【Get Price】

load-span details of beam & block flooring - forterra

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underfloor heating and floor insulation insulation

suspended timber floors and beam and block floors also work best with intermittent underfloor heating. in these cases the insulation layer is directly below the layer which holds the underfloor heating system. this will ensure that the heating system works efficiently.【Get Price】

beam and block installation guide cemex uk

cemex beam and block floor installation guide. cemex specialise in production of both traditional beam and block as well as insulated floor systems. in addition cemex supply a wide range of accessories including vents and clips.【Get Price】

insulating beam and block floors with celotex insulation

beam and block floors compared to the wet trades involved when insulating above or below a concrete slab suspended concrete floors offer a fast effective dry operation. the floor can be a beam and block (also called block and beam or pot and beam) deck or on larger projects a precast concrete plank craned into position.【Get Price】

comparing ground floor structure costs homebuilding

a beam and block flooring system spans from external wall to external wall or from external wall to the partition or buttressing walls. unlike the suspended timber flooring system it is usual to leave the oversite as subsoil. the exception to this is where a flood risk assessment recommends otherwise.【Get Price】

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evolution of building elements block and beam floors hambro posite floor system multi residential canam buildings concrete beam hollow block flooring system【Get Price】

choosing ground floor structures & oversite - build it

beam & block floors while a simple concrete slab can be relatively cheap it takes time to lay and dry out so over the last few years the beam and block suspended floor has become more prominent. it’s slightly more expensive especially on relatively small jobs but for speed and convenience it’s hard to beat.【Get Price】

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beam and block floors. precast concrete beam and block is the rapid solution to high quality economical concrete floor construction. concrete beam and block floors are constructed using prestressed concrete beams supporting standard concrete blocks spanning between ‘t’ beams.【Get Price】

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prestressed beam and block flooring is a popular flooring solution which is in significant growth. both beams below are the same height and can be used together ensuring the most economical construction options.【Get Price】

introduction to beam and block floors construction

the beam and block floor system is a popular form of domestic floor construction. it is an economical option due to off site manufacture of the beams and blocks fast assembly and little requirement for specialist labour or equipment.【Get Price】

how to construct a floating floor insulation kingspan

beam and block floors should be level and grouted. in accordance with bre good building guide 28 part 1 (domestic floors: construction insulation and damp –proofing) irregularities should not exceed 5 mm when measured with a 3 metre straight edge.【Get Price】

underfloor heating system floor constructions and height

the most common type of floor construction for ground floors solid concrete or beam and block floors are ideal for underfloor heating as they allow the use of a screed which can act as a thermal mass.【Get Price】